Kaunas - Duisburg - Kaunas

An efficient, competative and environmentally friendly service that ensure safe transportation of goods


Kaunas - Duisburg - Kaunas route is served exclusively by LTG Cargo Group companies - in Lithuania it is operated by the LTG Cargo team, in the territory of Poland and Germany - by LTG Cargo Polska.

A train departing from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) 3 times a week can transport 36 semi-trailers or containers in one train.

The length of the route is 1520 km.

With this service you:

  • will significantly reduce the mileage of your trucks and trailers;
  • save on maintenance costs;
  • optimize driver service needs;
  • transport goods in an environmentally friendly way and contribute to the implementation of the EU Green Deal.

Important information - requirements for semi-trailers.

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How are semi-trailers being transported by rail?

Using special equipment, semi-trailers are loaded on the train platform. At the end of the rail journey, at the intermodal terminals, the semi-trailers are moved back onto the trucks for the "last mile" service, i.e. to deliver the goods to the customer "door to door".


Benefits of rail semi-trailers for society and customers




Large cargo loading.

A large number of accidents is avoided.

The negative impact on the environment is reduced - 76% of all environmental pollution is caused by freight transport by road, 12% - by aviation, 10% - by water transport and only 2% by rail.

Lower fuel consumption.

Low dependence on weather conditions leads to safer transportation of cargo all year round.

Faster customs procedures.

Congestion at the boarder is avoided.


Further development of the service

  •  To expand the transportation of semi-trailers to Western and Northern European countries.

  •  Increase door-to-door freight delivery by combining different modes of transport.

  •  Actively contribute to one of Europe's key goals: reducing pollution (up to 60% by 2025).

The aim of the COMBINE (Strengthening Combined Transport in the Baltic Sea Region) project is to promote the development of combined transport in the Baltic Sea Region. The project is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Program BSR INTERREG V (ERDF funds). The project has been running since 2019 January to 2021 June. The project involves 14 partners from the Baltic Sea region. One of the project partners, AB LTG Cargo, is responsible for the organization of a test train for the transport of semi-trailers by rail between the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

We statred transporting semi-trailer in July 2021

Kaunas - Tilburg - Kaunas

Order a transportation service or ask for additional information:

Tel. no: +370 5 202 1515

E-mail: [email protected].

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