LTG Cargo carries more than 150 years of successful experience and is the largest freight and logistics services company in the Baltic region.                                                                                  

Our values:                                                   

Professionalism, sustainability, stability, reliable cargo delivery, collaboration.                                                                      

Freight transportation routes:                          

LTG Cargo organizes freight transportation according to the clients' needs and is capable to transport freight to numerous directions. Lithuania has a 1520 mm and 1435 mm wide rail gauge so freight therefore is capable to deliver freight to Western and Eastern Europe as well as to Asia.                                                                 

Rail freight transportation on 1435 mm gauge is operating in Europe westward from Finland, the Baltic countries, Belarus and Ukraine, excluding Spain, Portugal and Ireland.                                                                                 

LTG Cargo aims at ensuring transportation to Scandinavia, Turkey, China and Western Europe.                                                                                                                           

Our goals:                                                      

  • To become the primary transport corridor for transporting freights between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea by connecting Northern Europe with the Black Sea region, i. e. Ukraine, Turkey, Transcaucasia (implementation of international shuttle projects).          

  • To provide effective and reliable services to freight markets in Belarus, Russia, Middle Asia and China.                                                                               

  • To expand freight transportation to North and South (the implementation of the Rail Baltica project, participation in the creation of VIII freight transportation corridor (Rotterdam-Berlin-Warsaw – Terespol/Kaunas), construction of the intermodal terminal in Kaunas public logistics centre, collaboration with the Polish railways.                     

  • To implement the international shuttle container train projects. 


  • Customs procedures when crossing the EU border – 30 min.                                                                     

  • A renewed fleet of freight rolling stocks.                                                           

  • Lithuanian Railways (LTG) is one of the best transit providers and carriers in Central Europe.  

  • The fastest way to reach one of the most successful ice-free port in the Baltic Sea from China / Kazakhstan border.                                                                                     

  • Possibility of further freight distribution to any destination in the EU in 3 days from Lithuania (with any mode of transport).                                                                

  • Lithuanian transport and logistics sector can effectively provide services to the markets in the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Europe, including Belarus, Ukraine and Central European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.).                                                                                    

We organize freight transportations according to the needs of every client. We are also capable to transport freight to numerous directions in and outside the EU. We care for every client and their freight. 

Organisation Strategy

LTG Cargo freight transportation and related services' strategy is guided by the approved long-term corporate strategy 2018–2030 of the LTG (Lithuanian Railways). The strategy defines the principals of setting long-term strategic goals of the LTG and their implementation measurements, develops performance and financial forecasts, identifies the main strategic risks and their management directions. More information (in Lithuanian): 



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Mission and vision

Our mission is to connect businesses for a better future.

Our vision: to be a leader of Central and Eastern Europe logistics.

LTG Cargo team cares about the customers as we are responsible, honest, fierce and respectful towards each other.  

Social Corporate Responsibility

LTG Cargo follows the Social Corporate Responsibility Program and grant support procedures of the LTG (Lithuanian Railways) Group. More information: litrail.lit/en/socialine-atsakomybe


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