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LTG Cargo implemented the project "The development of information system of integrated freight transportation via maritime and railway transport". The project aims to contribute to the modernization of electronic services provided by the public sector. Other objectives of the project refers to the inducement of further efficienct use of current operating systems, their resources and capacities. The project also aims to economize the time and funds of business entities executing freight transportation and loading/unloading services. 
Customers will be able to use the electronic services free of charge, and the opportunities provided by them will allow clients of LTG Cargo and Klaipeda State Seaport Authority to plan and organize their activities in the maritime and railway sectors more efficiently.


„e. Krovinys" – management and accounting control information system developed to administer documents accompanying the carriage of goods by the railways of the Republic of Lithuania. It gives the users an ability to collect and filter accumulated freight documentation data, retrieve relevant information, and print it at any workstation.
The system covers the entire freight transport cycle from the formation of the contract with the customer in regards to freight transportation to the invoicing of the services rendered.
By using e.Krovinys information system users are able to coordinate transportation plans, order wagons, complete and submit waybills to the railway station, form customs declarations, coordinate documents with the railway station, monitor wagon deployment information in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
FUNCTIONS OF e. Krovinys 
There are 5 electornic services installed into e. Krovinys:
- Reservation of rail freight services: possibility to order services, coordinate transportation plans, order rolling stocks, apply for transportation organizations, track long term operational balance of applications.
- Monitoring the progress of the rail freight transportation: possibility to process electronic documents and to receive real-time information about the movement of rail freight in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the information regarding the arrival / departure of wagons on the access roads.
- Automated preparation and submission of rail transport documents to the recipient: possibility to prepare and submit declarations, waybills, review documents for additional services (KR-34, KR-12, KR-53, KR-142), provide other documents required for the initiation and execution of rail freight services (KR-28, KR-29, KR -30).
- Automated preparation and submission of financial documents for rail freight to the recipient of the service: possibility to review regulatory, contract, and invoice information.
- Automated preparation of declaration and submission to customs: possibility to form NCTS declarations by using automated  means from LTG Cargo information systems, provide and review transit declarations.


Information at single location. In order to save LTG Cargo clients' time, the data re-entering procedure is eliminated. Now the clients can fill in the data from ORDER function of the system. Thus the clients are able to use previously entered data, follow the procedure of the request by monitoring loading operations, wagon deployment in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and tax information.
Electronic signature. In response to evolving nature of the transport industry and public demand for cyberspace, the project expanded electronic signature capabilities and created functionalities, which contributed to improved electronic printing techniques, as well as other additional operations.
One-sheet concept. In order to simplify the user interface, LTG Cargo uses the one-sheet concept, which allows documents to be completed on a single sheet, without the need to open separate windows in order to supply all the details needed to organize the freight.
Web browsers. e. Krovinys is customized to be used in the most popular browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome ir Microsoft Internet Explorer. 
e. Krovinys can be found at – https://ekro.litrail.lt
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Updated on 2022-04-07