Loading and storage

LTG Cargo can offer warehousing services in open and confined areas in major Lithuanian cities, taking into account customer needs and wishes.

Freight can be stored in an ordinary and type A customs warehouses, where the full range of services are provided:



temporary storage;

loading / unloading;

sorting, assembling, weighing of freight, etc.

Safety and preservation of freight in warehouses are ensured from the beginning to the end of storage.

Vilnius Railway Station storage capacity Kaunas Railway Station storge capacity Klaipėda Railway Station storage capacity
Open yard area - 8150m2. Overall area of customs and other warehouses - 9400m2
The area of the type A customs warehouse - 2150 m2
4 open spaces with a total area of 28415 m2
Warehouse area - 6970 m2
The area of the customs site is 2525 m2
Container lot - 9800 m2
Container storage area - 2340 m2
Paneriai Railway Station storage capacity Panaevežys storage capacity  
Container and heavy load areas - 8550 m2 Open yard area - 6800 m2  



Updated on 2020-12-08