Container train Containerships Train

The container train Containerships Train is the joint project of Lithuanian, Belarusian and Ukrainian railways intended for the transportation of containers from Klaipėda to Kiev and back. Given the increasing volume of freight transported in containers, freight transportation, which takes about two days, provides new possibilities for the businesses of the aforesaid countries in terms of mobility. 

The container train-set departs from Klaipėda (Draugystė) to Kiev (Brovary) once per week (or twice in the future) and runs strictly in accordance with schedule. The train transports a variety of goods, transportation capacity – over 10000 TEU per year.

There are currently plans to extend this route to Odessa, thereby connecting the non-freezing port of Klaipėda with the largest Ukrainian port in Odessa by rail.



Updated on 2019-07-15